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  • Can I view the Montclair Municipal Code online?

  • Telephone number of Human Resources Hotline.

  • When does the City's Planning Commission meet? Can I attend?

  • Are there athletic or fitness programs for adults?

  • How and where do I register to vote?

  • How can I get a copy of a Montclair Municipal Code Section?

  • How can I see all the municipal laws?

  • How do I get a copy of a city document?

  • How do I leave a message for a Council Member?

  • I am considering moving to Montclair. How can I find out what schools my children will attend?

  • I need to have the colored curb repainted.

  • I want a copy of the city budget.

  • Is there a user forum within the community to discuss topics about our Local City and State topics?

  • My property is currently served by a private sewer (septic) system. Can I connect to the City sewer system?

  • Tell me about athletic or fitness programs for children.

  • What are City Hall hours?

  • What are the Planning Division's hours?

  • What is the City phone number?

  • What school districts serve Montclair?

  • Where are the polling stations?

  • Where is City Hall?

  • Where is the Finance Department located?

  • Who are the City's Federal, State and Local Representatives?