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Montclair Police Department - Retired Officers CCW

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certGunHonorably Retired and former officers meeting the requirements of the Law Enforcement Officer's Safety Act may be authorized to receive an identification card authorizing the bearer to carry concealed, pursuant to applicable California and Federal law.

The Montclair Police Department will issue identification cards to qualified officers upon completion of the applicable forms and a valid firearms qualification form.  The Montclair Police Department provides the qualification service at no charge to qualified retired officers of the Department. Appointments may be made by contacting the Administrative Specialist by phone at (909) 448-3601, or via email to Due to the lead-free nature of the range, ammunition will be provided, as available.

The qualification form does not require completion at the Montclair Police Department, and retirees may choose to complete the qualification elsewhere. The Retiree Handgun Qualification Form must be completed and signed by a Department-Approved Firearms Instructor who is required to attest to the competency of the retiree.  Department-Approved Firearms Instructors are any of the following:

  1. A person currently employed by a California law enforcement agency as a Firearms Instructor or Rangemaster who has completed a Firearms Instructor Course certified by the State of California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST).
  2. A person currently employed by a law enforcement agency as a Firearms Instructor or Rangemaster for a law enforcement agency within the state in which the qualified retiree resides, who has completed a Firearms Instructor Course certified by the entity responsible for the regulation of peace officer training in that state.
  3. A person certified by the National Rifle Association (NRA) as a Law Enforcement Instructor, Rangemaster, or Training Counselor who is currently employed in that capacity.

Both The Retiree CCW and/or LEOSA application and Qualification forms must be submitted to the Chief of Police. Upon approval, the Chief of Police will provide the applicant (either in person or via mail) with an endorsed identification card.  If a current photograph is not on file, the retiree may need to apply in person or provide a satisfactory approved photograph.

Retiree CCW Application

LEOSA Application

Firearm Qualification Form