Attention Montclair residents - State Street will be closed to east and west traffic from Silicon Avenue to Camulos Avenue the rest of this week as repairs are made to fix a sink hole caused by a water main leak. We appreciate your understanding. 

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Firearms and CCW Permits

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Public CCW Applications

firearmSafetyBy agreement with the Sheriff of San Bernardino County, the Montclair Police Department will not be issuing any Concealed Carry Permits for the public at this time.  This does not apply to current/former officers with the Montclair Police Department. Pursuant to Penal Code Section 26155(c), the Sheriff of San Bernardino County has accepted the responsibility of processing all applications for licenses, renewals of licenses, and amendments to licenses. Applicants who reside in the City of Montclair should apply with the Sheriff’s Department for processing. The Sheriff’s Department only accepts online applications submitted from the following website:


Procedure to Obtain a Firearm from Police Custody

In order for a law enforcement agency to return a firearm to its owner, the owner must first complete an application for a determination by the Department of Justice as to whether he or she is eligible to possess a firearm. This Law Enforcement Gun Release Application is available online at the California Department of Justice website. The application form provides instructions on how to obtain a firearms clearance and the required fees.

When the firearm eligibility check has been completed, both the applicant and the custodial law enforcement agency are notified by mail of the eligibility check results. If the eligibility check is approved, the applicant must provide a copy of the approval notice to the law enforcement agency at the time of release.

Release of property at the Montclair Police Department is by appointment only. To make an appointment with the Evidence Clerk, call (909) 448-3651.



Gun Registration Information

City of Montclair Retiree/Former Employee CCW Information and Forms