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General Plans & Specific Plans

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General Plan 

general planThe City of Montclair General Plan is intended to provide direction for future development of the City and its sphere of influence. It represents a formal expression of community goals and desires, provides guidelines for decision-making about the City's development, and fulfills the requirements of California Government Code Section 65302 requiring local preparation and adoption of General Plans. The General Plan is a dynamic document to be refined as the physical environment of the City changes.

The Montclair General Plan went through a complete revision and update in 1999. The update began with a reassessment of the current physical, social and economic resources and data of the community as a platform to evaluate its strengths, opportunities, limitations and constraints. A detailed analysis of all issues facing the City and identification of potential strategies for managing future growth and change was prepared. The process also required a consolidation and update of the previously adopted elements of the Montclair General Plan.

Citizen input and participation during the General Plan process is critical in order to truly reflect the sentiment and desires of the community. The General Plan plays a vital role in shaping the community and affects every resident and business owner in the way they live or work.

The General Plan not only encompasses and analyzes the 5.54 square miles located within Montclair's corporate boundary, but also the .92 square miles of unincorporated San Bernardino County within Montclair's sphere of influence, generally north of Phillips Boulevard between the Los Angeles County line and Benson Avenue.

To get a copy of the General Plan, please click here.

Housing Element

The Housing Element of the City's General Plan for the 2014-2021 cycle was adopted by the City Council in February 2014 after a lengthy review process and valuable input by the City's stakeholders. The Housing Element was certified by the state's Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) as being compliant with all aspects of state law. The Housing Element can be viewed by clicking here.


Specific Plan

The following Specific Plan governs development in certain areas within the City of Montclair. Please view the maps to determine which areas it covers by clicking the link below. Please be informed that development standards and criteria contained within these documents will either supplement or replace those of the City of Montclair's Zoning Ordinance, which ever is more restrictive:

Holt Blvd Specific Plan  (1991)

North Montclair Specific Plan  (1998)

North Montclair Downtown Specific Plan  (2017)