SoCalGas® will be working on a natural gas pipelines in the following locations: Princeton St between Exeter Ave and Bel Air Ave and Exeter Ave between Princeton St and San Bernardino St. We would like to make you aware of the potential odor of natural gas in the area. For more information, please click here.

Recent Projects

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New City Website

HomepageIT has recently teamed up with Vision MS to create a new, current web interface. The new website is an improvement too the previous website. The new "" is maintained by city staff to insure that information is current and accessible by the public. Along with a improved display and upgraded content management system, this new website helps mainstream City business. 


Santa Tracker

Santa TrackerThis project is a program that works in conjunction with the Dashing through Montclair event hosted by the City of Montclair's Human Services department. Santa Tracker is the City's interface that Tracks Santa through his route in Montclair. The Tracker is accessed via City's Website. Santa is tracked in real time and can be seen going through the streets stopping at his designated stops. Check back near December to find out when Santa will be visiting Montclair.


Government Access Channel

The City of Montclair hosts a Access Channel for those who would like to get information about what is happening in the City through television. The Channel is currently accessible through your TV service provider. In most instances, the channel number is 3. Information on the Access Channel is constantly updated and maintained to insure that the public is getting current information.