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The City of Montclair has a team of approximately 325 full-time and part-time employees divided into five main departments each being overseen by the City Manager's Office. Together these departments manage and perform all of the business of City Hall and its services.

City Manager's Office
The City Manager's Office oversees the entire operation of all City departments. Representing the views of the citizens of Montclair, the City Council sets goals and policies, and then provides direction to the City Manager to carry out these goals.

Administrative Services
The Administrative Services Director and supervisorial staff administer, manage, and supervise a variety of functions including telecommunications, information technology, personnel services, labor relations, finance services, administrative support, and contract services. The Department also provides extensive support services to each City department, the City Manager, and City Council.

Community Development
The Community Development Department plays one of the biggest roles in assuring Montclair remains a livable, competitive, and sustainable City well into the 21st century. Accomplishing this takes wise planning and efficient service. Community Development works closely with other City departments, the City Manager's Office, and the City Commissions in establishing and carrying out goals that will preserve Montclair's quality of life. In addition the Community Development Department offers quality recreation programs through its Human Services Division. These programs range from children's day camp to senior citizen support.

Redevelopment Agency
The Redevelopment Agency is responsible for setting the course of redevelopment in the City of Montclair and for being sure that redevelopment plans are in the best interests of the Community. In directing the City Redevelopment activities, State law provides the Agency with broad governmental functions and authority to accomplish its purpose, including but not limited to: the right to issue bonds for authorized purposes and to expend their proceeds, and the right to acquire, sell, rehabilitate, develop, administer or lease property. The Agency may also demolish buildings, clear land, and cause construction of improvements including streets and sidewalks.

Public Works
The Public Works Department coordinates, manages, and controls the various Public Works Department activities and resources. The Public Works Department consists of the following Divisions: Street Maintenance; Park Maintenance; Building Maintenance; Vehicle Maintenance; and Sewer Maintenance.

Fire Department
The Montclair Fire Department serves a population of approximately 37,000 and has a service area of 6.4 square miles. Both the population and the service area numbers include the unincorporated County area in Montclair's Sphere of Influence. The Department is staffed by 41 full-time employees, a Fire Technician, and four Reserve Code Enforcement Officers.

The Department has two divisions: Fire Administration and Fire Operations. Fire Administration includes the Fire Chief's Office, staffed by the Fire Chief and two clerical personnel; and Disaster Preparedness, staffed by the emergency services coordinator, a non-sworn person. Fire Administration also includes a Division Chief who administers the Fire Prevention Unit and the Code Enforcement Unit. The combined division is staffed by two sworn Fire Investigators, four Code Enforcement Officers, and a Secretary.

Police Department
The Montclair Police Department meets the law enforcement safety needs of the community through the effective utilization of personnel within the Department programs.

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